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Careers A-Z was launched in Autumn 2000 as a free and independent website. It has been developed and is maintained by the Topaz Partnership, a small group of specialists in Education, IT and Careers from the UK Higher Education sector. The members of the Partnership have been designing and delivering IT based career and employment packages for education and commerce since 1995, mainly for University consortia and Government Agencies across Europe.

Careers A-Z is used by the Topaz Partnership as a resource for current and future projects, but is made freely available on the web. We hope you find it useful for making informed career decisions, whatever stage you are at in your career or education.

For further information:contact@careersa-z.co.uk

Reviews of Careers A-Z

Nov 2000

Careersa-z.co.uk is a thoroughly researched and well-organised site.
What is it?  A huge resource of links to online career resources.
Look and feel Plain and simple. It's refreshing to find a site where the emphasis is so evidently on substance over style.
Navigation of content Couldn't be easier. The simple nature of the site makes it incredibly easy to get to grips with.
Best features The sheer number of careers on offer is very impressive, as is the research and thought that's gone into most of the links.

Jan 2001

This careers site is one of the easiest to navigate and most comprehensive......It is very broad ranging in the sources of links and the coverage is impressively thorough - a well researched site and an excellent starting point.

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